The Beauty of Picture Books Blog was established in October 2010 to foster continual awareness about the power of picture books to help kids develop critical reading and thinking skills, inspire a love of reading, and create special moments of learning, love and wonder. 

The blog began in 2010 with a setting up plans for a National Picture Book Week (NPBW) in 2011. Click here to read Let's Celebrate National Picture Book Week! (October 9, 2010) NPBW week was celebrated and recognized through blogs, tweets and other social media by several authors, independent book stores, and publishers (including Barron’s Educational Series). National Picture Book Week was also supported by the educators, editors, parents, grandparents, and award-winning authors and illustrators who have contributed to our Beauty of Picture Books blog.

In November 2011, a group of children's book authors kicked off an annual Picture Book Month in November! We were thrilled to see the spirit and energy of picture book celebrations expanded to a full month with a strong network of supporters. Click here for The National Picture Book Week Story (April 25, 2011). We support any and all picture book events and continued our year-round celebration on the blog through January 1, 2016. Our timeless gifts from contributors will remain available and we hope that readers will continue to share and enjoy them.

Our guest bloggers have included authors and illustrators, parents and grandparents, and other picture book lovers who had thoughts to share on the beauty of picture books! (Submissions are now closed. We thank all who have contributed to The Beauty of Picture Books!)



The Beauty of Picture Books Website and Blog are run by Linda Eve Diamond and Little Bear.  


Linda Eve Diamond is an author of 12 books, including The Beauty of Listening and E-Z Spelling. She co-founded The Beauty of Picture Books with her partner, Little Bear. Read Linda's full bio here. Join her on Facebook and Twitter and visit her Website at www.LindaEveDiamond.com.


Little Bear (L.B.), Creative Director, is the creative force behind The Beauty of Picture Books Blog, established in October 2010. He is also the Website's poster bear, video star, blog editor, a regular contributor to the blog, and has even run his own picture book event! In addition, L. B. runs the Website's social media pages. Join Little Bear on Facebook and TwitterRead L.B.'s full bio here.


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