This blog is designed to feature contributions from authors and illustrators, reading specialists, librarians, teachers, book industry professionals, poets, parents, children, characters, and anyone with something special to say about the beauty of picture books!  

Suggested Topics:  We are interested in any article (and/or illustrations) related to children’s picture books. Following are some suggestions (though we are open to any related topic):

  • An insight into the creative process of writing/illustrating a children’s picture book and/or the process of authors and illustrators working together
  • Stories about the creative process 
  • The impact of picture books on learning
  • The warmth of storytime
  • Collections of thoughts and/or pictures from children related to picture books
  • Stories and drawings about picture books by kids
  • Stories about great picture book events, projects and readings
  • The influence of a favorite character.......

Please Note: We are not interested in a submission that strictly promotes a specific picture book without giving added value and insights to blog readers, but we will happily share insights and illustrations related to the book and, whatever your topic.

Length: Contributions between 300 and 650 words would be ideal, but we don’t want to limit anyone’s imagination by a word count. If you feel you need more words or can say just want you want to say in fewer words, please don’t hesitate to submit a contribution that falls outside of these general guidelines.

Contributor Bio: Please include bio line (aim for approx. 25 words), a photo, and a link (if desired) for readers to learn more about you.

Artwork: We welcome submissions of illustrations and photos.

Copyright: We ask only for one-time rights and copyright of any submission remains with the author. 

Response Time: We may take up to three weeks to reply, but please feel free to follow up if you have not heard back from us by then.

Where to Send: Email your submissions or queries to Linda & LB. through our CONTACT PAGE. (If your submission is too long for the contact page or you have images to share, drop us a note and tell what you're sending and we'll send you the best email address to use.)

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your thoughts on the blog!